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Catalyst are committed to holding a series of events to support our students in research, learning, socializing, etc. Please contact us if you are interested in co-organising events with us.

Past Events

9th July 2021

Dr. Miriam O'Duill, University of Nottingham, UK.

'Catalysis for Late-Stage Functionalisation'


18th June 2021

Professor Keary Engle, Scripps Research, USA.

‘Charting Paths through Complex Landscapes: Chemistry, Catalysis, and Career 


28th May 2021

Dr. Matthew Horwitz, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Belgium. 

‘Careers in Chemistry: A Journey into Discovery Process Research’


11th Dec 2020

Imposter Syndrome Seminar with Dr Marc Reid


20th Nov 2020

ChemDraw webinar with Dr Pierre Morieux video