Catalyst Ball 2017

The time has come again for the year's most anticipated event: the Catalyst Chemistry Ball! So take off your goggles and put down your flasks and join us for a fun-filled evening with your favourite scientists. This year, the annual Catalyst Chemistry Ball will be taking place at Exeter College on Turl Street on Saturday, 23rd September starting at 6.30pm.


Tickets are £25.00 and include a welcome drink in the lovely Fellows' Garden (weather permitting, if not in the equally lovely chapel) and a three-course dinner including a glass of white and red in Exeter's dining hall. Following the dinner, hall will be cleared to make room for a DJ boogie sesh and the cash bar just under the dining hall will be open until 11pm for those of you that are especially fond of ethanol. Only 140 tickets will be available.

Who can come?

All PartIIs, PhDs, and post docs from CRL, Biochemistry, PTCL, ICL and other relevant departments are invited along with +1s.

Ticket sales:

We will be selling tickets in the CRL atrium Monday 24th July 1-2 pm, with further dates scheduled. Cash only, please. If you cannot make either of those times, please contact one of the committee to arrange pick-up.

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